Your interest in our Clan is appreciated. Our website was designed as an informational hub, not intended to be interactive,  

rather a site where those in Ireland and part of the worldwide surname diaspora of Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland and Wales can review historical information and locations that form part of our Celtic surname heritage.


We invite those of the surname who wish to join our Clan Association (application process below) to can contact us directly using this email:  Email: 


Those of the surname, just wishing more details about the historical research information we have posted, can contact us directly using our clan historian email address:  Email:



Membership Criteria Clan Mac Maolain Leinster:


Clan Mac Maolain was originally registered with Finte na hÉireann (Clans of Ireland) as a surname clan.  Consequently our original membership was composed of Mullan/en/in and Mc’s of diverse origins and locations, throughout Ireland.


In 2022 the Clans of Ireland passed board resolutions to define registration by “Kindred Surname Groups”, defined as members consisting of a range of relatives based on culturally recognized connections who are linked to a common ancestor and genealogical relationship versus agnatic (ie, surname, territorial affiliation, paternal and maternal).


For this reason, research was re-submitted for approval to re-register Clan Mac Maolain as a Kindred group of Leinster, which from a surname perpective includes variants of Mullan/en/in/s,  Malone, Moylan, Mellon, McMullan/en/in/s, and the affilated Leinster septs  of LohanTraynor and Tierney of Meath.


Kinship terminology would define this group as members with connections to those of the surname and a native Irish family either now or previously located in one of the Leinster counties of:  Meath; Westmeath; Longford; Louth; Dublin; Offaly; Kildare; Carlow, Loais, Kilkenny, Wicklow; and Wexford. This cultural and genealogical affiliation would qualify them for approval as members of our specific "Kindred association".


To join Clan Mac Maoláin, use the contact email provided above, and as a minimum identify for our clan registrar: where your Irish ancestors were originally located in Ireland, when they emigrated if that was the case, and where they are primarily located today.


Review of an application for membership is conducted by the McMullen Clan Council, and applicants approved added to our EMAIL membership list. Membership automatically includes a spouse and dependent family and requires listing their email addresses for receipt of clan material.


There are no fees for membership, and the main method of Clan communication is in the form of newsletters and group emails. These are generally produced when information thought to be of interest to a wider group of Mac Maolain members is circulated.


Occasionally the Clan may create events to generate income. The purchase of any Clan offered specific item is intended to help us generate small amounts of income needed to offset website and domain registration, clans of Ireland registration or clan event expenses.


The clan registrar "will delete" and block from our membership list, any person posting political or religious diatribe, and/or contentious comments considered by the registrar and our council, as incompatible with an objective of being:


1. a sanctioned member of “Finte na hEireann” (Clans of Ireland) based in the Republic of Ireland;

2. a descendant of “Native Irish families” formerly extant in either the Republic of or Northern Ireland; and

3. sincere commitment to a form of “posted comments” which are celebrating our Irish ethnicity.